10th-grade whiz designs collaborative platform prototype for indie music community

Meet Mannat Chauhan from Inventure Academy, a 10th-grader with an extraordinary passion for music and technology and a trailblazing vision for the future of India’s independent music scene. Let’s dive into this young Beckn Believer’s symphony of innovation!

It all began with a simple observation: the fragmented and siloed state of India’s diverse independent music community. In it, Mannat saw the need for a more cohesive and open digital space, with lower financial and physical barriers.

In her detailed presentation, Mannat’s meticulous research and analyses of solutions, gaps, opportunities and business models shines through. Her process included a detailed study of Beckn Protocol’s documentation and learning materials like ‘Beckn in a Box’, going beyond the theoretical to seek out the expertise of an Amazon Principal Solutions Architect for a better understanding of deeper technicalities and real-world application. After exploring alternatives like Soudtrap and SoundBetter, she concluded the need for an open-network approach to the digital music space.
Mannat’s prototype, built with Beckn, is a decentralised nexus for music professionals. It allows artists to discover like-minded musicians and collaborators, lyricists, instrumentalists, producers or music studios, all without geographical and logistical constraints, or the conventional confines of the music industry. By democratising access and levelling the playing field, the platform aims to encourage new talents to shine and established artists to explore new horizons. It is a bustling hub of activity for artists to spark connections and build communities.

Check out Mannat’s incredible presentation here → https://lnkd.in/gWV-nkwj 

As the open network revolution takes off, we’re witnessing the exciting rise of young digital architects shaping this interconnected world, and reimagining the blueprint of our digital systems, advocating for transparency, inclusivity, and collaboration. Beckn’s open APIs and specifications provide fertile ground for these young minds to sow the seeds of their ideas and build scalable systems that break away from the walled gardens of proprietary platforms.

Mannat’s approach embodies what Beckn stands for–fostering innovation, blending technology and creativity, and building community ecosystems to experiment, learn, and deploy solutions without the high barriers of closed systems.
Through her vision and the support of the Beckn community, Mannat is part of the next generation innovating for better societies. Her prototype is an outstanding example of the vast potential of Beckn, signalling the beginnings of multiple open network applications across industries set to emerge from the Beckn ecosystem. We encourage our community to support Mannat and young innovators like her as they continue on their journey to turn fantastic ideas into real-world products!

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