PULSE Protocol: An open network approach to legal services

The community strikes again, with open protocol as their sword of justice! This time around the revolutionary transformation towards open network ecosystems emerges from the chambers of legal professionals.
PULSE or Protocol for Unified Legal Services, is an adaption of Beckn Protocol that aims to unify and simplify access to legal services. It works as a universal open language that facilitates seamless communication between platforms and legal service providers.
A collective initiative led by Agami India and the ODR Community, PULSE is designed with inputs from changemakers from legal organisations. It establishes an open framework that enables community-owned transactions as the standard for discovering legal services.
By adopting the PULSE, organisations can quickly integrate a range of dispute resolution and legal advisory solutions for customers and users. The protocol can be leveraged for any ecosystem, institution and even for individuals seeking legal services to easily discover and engage with multiple legal service providers.
Under a minimum viable standardised communication process, PULSE eliminates the burden of multiple one-to-one integrations between legal service providers and ecosystems or institutions. Also, the continuous sharing of status and updates with ecosystems or institutions as mutually decided smoothens legal workflow.
So what does this look like on the ground? Let’s say, for example, you are a telephone-based legal information helpline providing legal guidance to the public. With PULSE, you could effortlessly integrate with multiple legal services like online dispute resolution, tele-counselling and legal aid to offer callers real-time support to understand, navigate, and track their legal processes.
PULSE is grounded in the principles of decentralised networks, i.e., openness, flexibility and interoperability, enabling localised, decentralised justice solutions to scale efficiently. As a tool for legal services, it champions access to justice for all, a basic principle of the rule of law.
The first use case for PULSE has been created with inputs from the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) community for the discovery of ODR services. Check it out in action here
To learn more about PULSE, visit
Kudos to the ODR community for enabling decentralised justice solutions at scale!
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