A Step-By-Step Guide To ONEST Integration By Tarka Labs

Archit from Tarka Labs delves into the Beckn Protocol, powering India’s decentralised digital infrastructure, including ONDC, Namma Yatri, ONEST, etc.
The video talks briefly about what Beckn is all about and its role in the growth of the digital public infrastructure. The protocol serves as a crucial enabler of India’s decentralised networks, revolutionising digital interoperability. Understanding how the Beckn Protocol works is significant in shaping the digital landscape.
Archit also dives deeper into the resources and terminologies commonly used with Beckn to equip developers with the required knowledge. This part of the session helps viewers to have a solid foundation and to understand complex terminologies and concepts easily.
He also showcased practical examples of applications of Beckn in action and its potential to create impact and solve problems. The example revolves around facilitating content sharing among educational institutions, such as IITs and NITs, via a NASSCOM application. This demonstration highlights Beckn’s versatility and its ability to foster collaboration across diverse sectors.
He also demonstrated how the Beckn Protocol Server works, its features, benefits and use cases. It also talked about the architecture and functionality of the Beckn Protocol Server, shedding light on its pivotal role in facilitating communication between digital entities. Developers need to understand the workings of the protocol server to integrate Beckn effectively.
He then transitions from theory to practice and introduces a step-by-step guide for developers beginning their journey to integrate Beckn. This served as a roadmap, outlining the steps sequentially required to set up a Beckn Application Platform (BAP) and establish connectivity with the ONEST network.
Developers were then provided with practical insights and hands-on guidance, empowering them to understand the complexities of Beckn integration with ease. Through code exploration, developers gain a clear understanding of the implementation and best practices.
Through this video, Tarka Labs equips developers with the requisite knowledge and tools to integrate Beckn effectively. Core concepts of Beckn were demystified, providing practical examples, and hands-on guidance, empowering developers to harness the full potential of the Beckn Protocol in driving decentralised digital transactions and fostering innovation.
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