Get on in the action: Contribute to these new Beckn projects and earn credits!

Hey guys, here is your golden opportunity to showcase your expertise, elevate your stature within the community, and earn Beckn badges, all while being an integral part of an extraordinary movement!
On March 20, on the grand occasion of our biggest community meetup to date, we are unveiling these cutting-edge projects, each offering a unique avenue for you to make your mark in the world of open solutions.
Ta-da! Here they are:
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A convergence of Beckn and AI to fire up your imagination
A comprehensive learning program for beginners to experts
Becknverse coming to life in an enthralling comic book
Bugs hunted, rewards granted! Who doesn’t love a good Bounty Program?
And just when you thought it couldn’t get better than this, drumroll… we have an extra-special surprise in store, one that we’ve kept closely guarded until now.
While you are free to contribute to all of these projects, we suggest you choose the one that resonates most with your expertise and passion.
Let the contributions begin!

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