March 20: The day of the first and biggest Beckn community meetup!

The energy crackles in the air as excited chatter fills the IIM Bangalore auditorium. Today is the day – the very first Beckn Community Meetup in the heart of Namma Bengaluru!
For months, the Beckn community had been collaborating and driving change virtually. But with a meetup in the real world, it’s a different kind of energy. It is the buzz of human connection, the spark of shared vision, and the tangible sense of a collective on the verge of something big.
Here, in this vibrant space, Beckn pioneers from all walks of life have gathered. Seasoned industry veterans like Dr. Pramod Varma and Sujith Nair, along with network pioneers from different domains. Enthusiastic newcomers, their faces alight with the dream of an open, decentralized future.


This isn’t just a meetup; it is a celebration. A celebration of the first generation of Beckn pioneers, the architects of a new era of digital interactions.

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