Haqdarshak’s innovative government welfare scheme discovery initiative using Beckn

While there are over 20,000+ government schemes and services currently available across the country, the issue of low scheme awareness continues to persist amongst the larger population.

When governments invest in scheme awareness campaigns, there is a tendency to focus on a handful of flagship schemes. Additionally, there are problems of unclear, sometimes even incorrect information about schemes being disseminated, along with complex application processes. All these factors make it even harder for citizens to access critical schemes.

Haqdarshak decided to develop a solution to this problem, working with Beckn Protocol and Societal Thinking to make the scheme discovery process easier. By leveraging Beckn and working with ecosystem participants, they identified various mechanisms for scheme discovery at existing interaction points, allowing citizens to discover schemes in spaces they already have access to.

For example, if a pregnant citizen visits her local Primary Health Center for a check-up, the attending Anganwadi worker can easily and instantly look up and inform her about all the different maternity benefits and health insurance schemes available, which she may be eligible for. Haqdarshak recognizes Beckn’s potential in social service and welfare delivery to facilitate seamless and decentralised transactions, actively incorporating the protocol into their solutions. Haqdarshak is well-positioned to play a crucial role in the evolution of open networks, ceaselessly innovating and developing solutions that unlock the full potential of this transformative technology.

Here are some key ways in which the organisation is leveraging Beckn

  • Enhanced Discovery
  • Real-time communication
Haqdarshak’s ingenuity, coupled with the power of Beckn Protocol, is revolutionising the way citizens access and benefit from government welfare schemes. The organisation is successfully bridging the gap between complex welfare program delivery and the people it aims to serve.
From local initiatives to national ventures, the adoption of Beckn is growing, as more organisations seek to unify disparate systems and streamline complex processes. We expect even greater advancements in open networks, towards more inclusive and interconnected systems. In the social sector space, Haqdarshak is at the forefront of this exciting transformation.

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