A Comprehensive Tech Guide to Beckn, by Tarka Labs

In the introductory video of the “Build with Beckn” series by Tarka Labs, Beckn protocol is introduced as a set of interoperable standards and protocols that facilitate decentralised digital ecosystems across sectors like Mobility, Logistics, Energy, etc. Some of the key implementations of the Beckn protocol include ONDC, Namma Yatri, ONEST, etc.

Tarka Labs also talked about the process of commercial transactions in both local and international contexts, which served as an analogy to Beckn’s role in enabling digital entities to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Beckn acts as a facilitator, just like a trusted friend, who guides digital entities on where to find items that they are looking for and how they can communicate with each other, thus establishing a common mode of communication between the buyer and seller.

It fosters connectivity among platforms, thus eliminating the need for intermediaries like larger e-commerce platforms and their hefty commissions.

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