A community-led Unified Energy Interface (UEI) demo powered by Beckn

In a recent monumental initiative led by Beckn community members Pulse Energy, Sheru, Kazam, and Turno came together for a successful joint demonstration showcasing how seamless open-network transactions work on the Unified Energy Interface, or UEI.

Hosted at the Pulse Energy office, this inventive presentation uses the Beckn Experience Centre to exhibit the power of collective community to transform our energy landscape.
So what do these seamless transactions look like? To illustrate, let’s take the example of an EV owner searching for charging stations nearby.

→ With UEI, they can expand their search to all charging stations on the decentralised network, owned and operated by any Charging Point Operator, with any consumer application for example, Pulse Energy’s consumer-facing WhatsApp chatbot.

→ Once the EV owner chooses a charging station, they select the units of energy and place the order. The UEI network handles all transactions between the parties, from discovery and ordering to payment and fulfilment.

Beckn also enables the possibility to access idle batteries on the UEI network connected to a net meter that allows the supply of any surplus energy generated from solar rooftops and stored in such batteries into the city’s larger electricity grid.

In the simulation, Sheru, a specialist in energy storage and management, on behalf of a distribution company or DISCOM, orchestrates the green energy demand from charging operators like Pulse Energy or Kazam. On the other hand, it handles the supply of green energy to these operators through the aggregation of stored energy from idle batteries on the UEI network.

A vital part of the UEI network, Turno provides DISCOMs with additional resources to augment green energy supply, through their brilliant utilisation and monetization of second-life batteries.

Watch the full UEI demo here → https://youtu.be/ReqR_xvFjE

The demonstration is a beacon of progress, a testament to the incredible potential of integrating green energy startups with open networks to solve systemic challenges. It illuminates real-world possibilities for seamless EV charging, while also creating incentives for all participants in the energy sector including DISCOMs to enable and fulfil the growing green energy demand from local communities.

We’re witnessing the dawn of a new era where green energy is not just accessible, but actively driving the charge towards a more eco-friendly world. This live demonstration is more than a proof of concept—it’s a glimpse into a future where technology empowers society to make energy choices that benefit our planet. Together, we stand on the cusp of an energy revolution, with open networks powered by Beckn leading the way.

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