Nashik welcomes a new era of interoperable public transport

Public transportation is a staple of city life, but let’s be honest, it’s seldom a seamless experience. With different public transport systems and ticket-booking applications, trying to get from point A to B in crowded cities can feel like a game of Snakes and Ladders.
Imagine a world where commute is no longer a series of disconnected steps, but a smooth, unified journey. Well, you can put your imagination to rest because that’s exactly what this innovative city in Maharashtra has done!
On January 22nd this year, Amnex Infotechnologies, OpenTurf Technologies and Nashik City Bus Operator Citilinc, together unveiled a groundbreaking pilot that ushers in a new normal for the city’s public transport.
An innovative project powered by Beckn Protocol, it seamlessly connects Nashik’s public bus systems to third-party commuter applications, effectively making these existing applications a part of Nashik’s public transport open network.
So what does this mean for travellers? Nashik’s public bus users can now book public bus tickets from their favourite commuter application, without the need for one-to-one integrations between these service providers. In other words, an interoperable system, built with Beckn.
This latest urban mobility pilot is part of a larger mission to develop and support multi-modal integrated public transport in India, driven by Urban Mass Transit Company (UMTC) and managed by EY, India.
With support from collaborators Amnex, OpenTurf and Namma Yatri, the vision of interoperable bus journeys has become a reality in Nashik. A truly remarkable breakthrough and a celebration of what open networks can do!
This pilot program is just the beginning. It’s a blueprint for a world where transport isn’t just a service but a connecting force that brings us closer to one another. Together we’re building a future where connected transport leads to connected lives.
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