Myth Debunked: Is Beckn a platform?


Beckn or Beckn Protocol is a set of instructions, a blueprint for building open, decentralised networks. As Anirban explains in this video, think of it as a common language that can connect apps, systems and service providers, bypassing the limitations of, guess what.. platforms!
So beyond being a lingua franca for seamless connections, the protocol also empowers buyers and sellers to perform essential functions of an online transaction like discovery, order, payment, delivery, review etc
Beckn for digital commerce is what HTTP is for the World Wide Web and SMTP is for emails. In a Beckn-enabled world, you can order groceries from the corner store through your fitness or payment app.
What’s important is that Beckn’s functionality is not limited to e-commerce but spans other sectors like mobility, health, education, energy, law and more. For eg., Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), Namma Yatri, or ONEST. The possibilities are endless!
So next time you think of Beckn, think of an interconnected, open world — not limited by apps, middlemen or intermediaries.Spread the word, bust the myths, and join the Beckn revolution to create a decentralised digital era!

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